This prize will be awarded to the best project led by a disabled person or addressing a challenge faced by people with disabilities, through the “Tech Is the Bridge” concept.

CAMTEL, through this concept, promotes the use of technology as a bridge enabling people with disabilities to overcome the challenges of an environment designed without their condition in mind.

Cameroon currently has almost 2 million people with disabilities, who face serious difficulties in accessing employment, education, public services and public transportation.

If you have a technological or digital solution that can help to improve the living conditions of people with disabilities and increase their access to employment, education and public services, this challenge is for you!

What you can win :


Single Prize

Money Check

1 000 000

Creation of a website and hosting for one year


Mobile Internet package offered for 6 months (Blue Go XL 20 000/month)

On 1 SIM

Support from an incubator


Mobile communication credit offered for 6 months

25 000