The celebration of CAMTEL 25th anniversary

Within the context of the celebration of its 25th anniversary, CAMTEL, in line with the goals of the country’s highest authority and government, is committing:

It is in this context, which is also marked by the implementation of the National Development Strategy for structural transformation and inclusive development (NDS30), that CAMTEL has launched a contest dubbed the Blue Tech Challenge. This is a contribution by the State-owned operator, supported by its Top Management, which believes in the genius of Cameroon’s youth and intends through this initiative to highlight the best start-ups or projects engaged in the development of digital economy and digital transformation in Cameroon.


Overall objective of the Blue Tech Challenge

The overall objective of the Blue Tech Challenge is to identify, assess, reward and promote projects, ideas, innovations and good technological practices from universities and higher institutions of learning, researchers and start-ups that have made or can make a remarkable and lasting contribution to improving the competitiveness of the digital economy and to strengthening the capacities of the people developing these initiatives.

Reward and promote the most innovative ideas, projects and creations;
Promote the creation of new technologies and innovations at the service of development;
Identify, nurture and accelerate the growth of start-ups that show the greatest potential for making a positive impact on systems transformation;
Provide finalists and award winners with visibility, the opportunity to raise funds, network with national and international entities and secure the mentoring opportunities they need, to achieve technological breakthroughs and help build a sustainable future;
Provide access to partner incubators for better support;
Highlight the work of universities and advanced schools of technology;
Stimulate self-employment to mitigate the effects of youth unemployment in Cameroon.